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Our Services

Monitoring Solutions 

If you have secured a contract stipulating that your company must provide a five minute or fifteen minute response for an alarm, we are here to provide that service.  After business hours, weekends and/or holidays, KRR provides a solution for your business to comply with your contract/customer requirements.  KRR will be there to monitor any irregularities with a DCJS Registered Officer who will regularly monitor and patrol your facility.

Our Presence Is Your Peace Of Mind

KRR has more than a decade in experience. Located just off the beltway we service the Northern Virginia Area. KRR will provide a guaranteed response time specifically catering to the needs of your company or clients’ requirements at a competitive price.  KRR Officers will be present within your facility as well as actively patrolling to ensure there is no security breach and respond to any alarm irregularities.

The Layer of Protection We Provide

Alarm Response Services play a key role in benefiting governmental and commercial companies all around the Northern Virginia area. Alarm Response is critical to guarantee the security of protected materials and or data you carry for your clients.

How KRR Operates 

1. A DCJS Certified security officer is stationed in your facility at all times

2. Hourly patrols of your facility to check for water leaks etc. 

3. If an alarm is triggered - they are contacted by the alarm company.

4. The officer then checks the alarming door/area.

6. Contacts the client’s security team.

7. Monitors the door/area until the client arrives.

8. Escorts the client to the alarming area.

9. Resumes normal duties 

Monitoring solutons
Fast Respose
layer of protection
How KRR Operates

The Coverage You Need

KRR covers any hours needed to satisfy their clients. Most clients need coverage from the moment they leave the facility (After business hours) until a representative from the company arrives in the morning, throughout the weekend and business holidays as well.

An Affordable Solution

Other large monitoring and security businesses are often costly. KRR is committed to excellence and we provide that service at a lower cost. KRR is the new best security solution at an affordable cost for your business.

If you would like to learn more about how KRR can help your company, please fill in the requested information and click send.


Our Employees Meet Strict Standards

All of our employees at KRR have the following qualifications:

  • United States citizen

  • At least 21 years of age or older

  • Proper phone skills

  • Clear verbal and written English skills

  • Have become a registered DCJS Officer (criminal background check, program completion)

Contact us Today!

For more information on how to hire us for professional alarm monitoring and response services please contact us. We will provide you with a formal bid-proposal outlining the procedures and cost of services to you and your company's clients.

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