About Us

About Kvick Reliable Response (KRR) - We emphasize the concept of CLIENTS coming first. We make a point to work with our clients on a personal basis, to give you the confidence and security of knowing the person you are working with and how KRR will work for your business. All of our employees at KRR have the following qualifications:

  • United States citizen
  • At least 21 years of age or older
  • Proper phone skills
  • Clear verbal and written English skills
  • Have become a registered DCJS Officer (criminal background check, program completion)

Get to know Kvick Reliable Response

Pronounced "Quick", Kvick Reliable Response is a Disabled Female Owned Small Business.

The company is owned by Keverne Carlson; handicapped by Multiple Sclerosis, she now faces the challenge by utilizing her college education, 15 years work experience in contract Toxicology business and 10 years of administration skills to navigate the company.

She is joined by Jarett Spicer; President and CEO. Jarett has over 10 years experience in internet management, performance marketing and business study. Jarett has expertise in developing, planning, executing and controlling quality for businesses.